Terms and conditions of use

In order to guarantee a quality offer and service, the acceptance of partners is based on factual quality criteria that correspond in every respect to the demand for professional events. If you would like to be kept informed, please send an e-mail to info@douaisis-events.com.

Legal information
The douaisis-events.com website, hereinafter referred to as “Douaisis-events”, is a tool created by DOUAISIS AGGLO to help promote the attractiveness of the region and to propose and promote DOUAISIS AGGLO service providers in the business tourism segment.

This service is visible on the Internet to help companies wishing to organize an event to get in touch with these service providers.

The site is published by DOUAISIS AGGLO
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Tel. : 03 27 99 89 89
VAT number: FR 07200044618

Publishing Director: Christian Poiret
Design and production of the KEEO website
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Each of the terms mentioned below shall have the following meaning in these Dousisis-events Terms and Conditions of Use:

Advertiser: refers to any legal entity, established on the Douaisis Agglo territory, placing Advertisements on Douaisis-events exclusively for professional purposes (Advertisers: economic partners of the territory AND DOUAISIS AGGLO, as well as the Centre Historique Minier de Lewarde).

Ad: refers to all elements and data (visual, textual, photographs, drawings), submitted by an Advertiser under its full responsibility, with a view to offering a product or service and published on the Douaisis-events site.

User account: refers to the free space accessible from the Douaisis-events website, where Advertisers must log in and from which they can publish, manage and view their Advertisements.

Customer: refers to any company using Douaisis-events and wishing to be put in contact with one or more Advertisers.

Form: refers to the forms made available to Douaisis-events customers (contact form and quote request form) allowing communication with an Advertiser, which only: the Customer, the Advertiser concerned and DOUAISIS AGGLO’s Douaisis-events team may consult.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

Advertisers will be chosen by DOUAISIS-AGGLO on the basis of selective criteria that meet the needs of business tourism, i.e. qualitative criteria in the mid- and high-end segments. Quality charters, drawn up by profession, can be consulted on request via the website’s contact form.

Access to the site, its consultation and use, free of charge and optional, imply unreserved acceptance of these Douaisis-events General Conditions of Use.


For customers :

– Consultation of the Advertisements published by DOUAISIS AGGLO and the Advertisers;
– Putting you in touch with DOUAISIS AGGLO and Advertisers;
– Geolocation of ads available on Douaisis-events.

For Advertisers :

– User account access and management: management (updating, modifying, etc.) at any time of the information entered when the user account is created;
– Placing an ad ;
– Ad management (deletion, modification) ;
– Receipt of e-mail following a customer request.

Advertiser commitments :

The Advertiser guarantees to hold all rights (in particular intellectual property rights) or to have obtained all authorizations necessary for the publication of his Ad.
The Advertiser guarantees that the Ad does not contravene any regulations in force (in particular relating to advertising, competition, sales promotion, use of the French language, use of personal data, prohibition of the marketing of certain goods or services), or any third-party rights (in particular intellectual property rights and personality rights) and that it does not contain any message that is defamatory or harmful to third parties.

In particular, the Advertiser undertakes to ensure that the Advertisement does not contain :

– no hypertext links redirecting Douaisis-events customers to websites operated by any other third party
– any information that is false, misleading or likely to mislead Customers
– any defamatory statement or statement likely to harm the interests and/or image of DOUAISIS AGGLO or any other third party
– no content infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties
– any promotional or advertising content related to the Advertiser’s activity, other than that offered on the Douaisis Events website. An Ad is intended to promote a product or service and is not an advertising medium.

The Advertiser undertakes to include in the Advertisements only products or services available to him.

The Advertiser declares that he/she is aware of the scope of distribution of the Site, that he/she has taken all precautions to comply with the legislation in force concerning his/her activity and that he/she releases DOUAISIS AGGLO from all liability in this respect.

In this context, the Advertiser declares and acknowledges that it is solely responsible for the content of the Advertisements it publishes and makes accessible to Users, as well as for any document or information it transmits to Users.

The Advertiser assumes full editorial responsibility for the content of the Advertisements it publishes.

Ads moderation :

DOUAISIS AGGLO reserves the right to modify and/or delete, without prior notice, compensation or right to reimbursement, any Ad that does not comply with the Douaisis-events distribution rules and/or is likely to infringe the rights of a third party.

Communication tools :

The Customer may communicate with Advertisers (including DOUAISIS AGGLO):

– by e-mail using the various forms on the Advertisements. Contacts will then be made by telephone and/or email;
– by telephone using the telephone number on the Ad.

If they wish to receive information from Advertisers or DOUAISIS AGGLO, customers identify themselves by providing their name, company name, telephone number and professional e-mail address in the forms provided. Mandatory information required on forms is marked with an asterisk. This information, once entered in the forms, will be visible to DOUAISIS AGGLO (the Douaisis-events team) and the Advertiser.

Customers and Advertisers are solely responsible for the content of private messages exchanged via communication tools.
Once the form has been sent, the user receives instant confirmation of receipt at the e-mail address provided.

Customers agree not to use communication tools to send messages that :

– violate, misappropriate or infringe the rights of DOUAISIS AGGLO, of persons using our services, including rights of privacy, publicity, intellectual property or other proprietary rights;
– are unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, abusive, intimidating, hateful, pedophilic, discriminatory, racially or ethnically offensive, and/or amount to harassment or incite or encourage unlawful or otherwise inappropriate behavior, including the promotion of violent crimes;
– are of an advertising or commercial nature;
– involve falsehoods or misrepresentations, misleading or erroneous assertions or assertions of a nature to mislead DOUAISIS AGGLO and the Advertisers;
– usurp the identity of another person – Anyone making a false declaration on behalf of themselves or another person is liable to the penalties laid down in Article 441-1 of the French Penal Code, which provides for up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros;
– lead to the sending of abusive messages, in particular due to their number, repetitive or systematic nature, or messages likely to undermine the security of information systems and/or other similar practices;
– direct Advertisers to a site other than Douaisis-events, in particular a competing site.

Service availability and evolution

The service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. DOUAISIS AGGLO reserves the right to change, modify or suspend the service without prior notice, for maintenance or any other reason deemed necessary. The unavailability of the service does not entitle the user to any compensation. If the service is unavailable, the user will be informed and asked to complete the procedure at a later date.

The terms of these conditions of use may be amended at any time, without notice, to reflect changes in the service, changes in legislation or regulations, or for any other reason deemed necessary.

Personal data

The local authority undertakes to take all necessary precautions to protect the security of data collected from users, and in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.
You can find out more about your rights and the use made of your data by consulting our privacy policy, which forms an integral part of these T&Cs.

Changes to these terms and conditions of use

DOUAISIS AGGLO reserves the right to modify this clause relating to the protection of personal data at any time, in order to comply with any changes in regulatory requirements or security standards. If a modification is made to the present general conditions of use, DOUAISIS AGGLO undertakes to publish the new version on Douaisis-events.

If the user does not agree with the terms of the new wording of the GCU, he/she has the option of not using the site, as well as exercising his/her rights cited in the privacy policy.